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Kingdom Missions Conference

In a few days, we will be involved in the most significant Missions Conference in the history of our church. Like Jabez in 1 Chronicles 4:9, 10, “call upon God” that He would “bless us, enlarge our border, and that His hand would be upon us.” Pray that the Lord will enlarge our vision with […]

Introducing Troy Maragos!

I am one who does not like to wait. My prayer for patience is represented by a little statue that pictures a funny-looking little guy with the words, “I want patience, and I want it right now!” Ron Dunn was right “waiting time is not wasted time.” Also, “good things come for those who wait.” […]

Strike It Rich

Gold fever engulfed the nation when gold was found in California in 1848. Stories of quick and easy riches compelled thousands to head west. Boomtowns sprung up such as Deadwood and Tombstone. It was difficult and dangerous work. In a letter to his cousin in 1850, a California miner named Shufelt wrote home: “Thousands will […]

Sending and Receiving

In the Christian life we maintain both an outward and an inward focus – sending and receiving. As a missional church, we believe in taking the gospel to the whole world through evangelism and missions. During the week of February 18-22, we will be hosting our largest Kingdom Missions Conference in the history of our […]

Setting Aside the Servants

Our church is greatly blessed to have men who sacrificially serve as deacons. Both my father and father-in-law were ordained Baptist deacons. Many of my best friends and greatest encouragers over the years have served in that role. The very word comes from the Greek term doulos, which means “servant.” Thank God for our deacon […]

One Sacred Effort

Throughout the centuries since Jesus ascended to Heaven, believers have sought with One Sacred Effort to evangelize the world. Therefore, our church seeks to make Christ known to the nations through missional going and giving. There are 11,000 – plus distinct people groups around the world with more than 6,500 being considered unreached for Christ. […]

The Journey Continues

It is not only “beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” but the sounds of the season ring throughout the halls of our church. We are in the busy time of Christmas when our church’s focus is on giving the gospel to thousands through the unique music and drama presentation called the Living Christmas Trees. […]

Journey To The Manger

Christmas is not a man-made myth, folklore tradition, or religious symbol. It is history’s great reality – God came in the flesh to dwell among us. The simple picture of the manger crib reminds us of the great humility of our Savior who loved a lost world so much that He came to be born […]

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