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Drawing Your Sword

Drawing Your Sword The Lord has provided armor for the Christian to help us in our spiritual fight. As a middle schooler in my home church, I participated in what was called “Sword Drill.” I still remember how, as we held our Bibles, we would hear the words, “Attention…Draw swords.” This was in preparation for […]

Prepare for Rain

Prepare for Rain In the Christian movie from our friends at Sherwood Baptist Church, “Facing the Giants,” Grant Taylor, a discouraged football coach at a Christian Academy, gets an unexpected spiritual lesson.  Mr. Bridges, a true prayer warrior, responds to Grant’s comment, “I just don’t see God at work here.”  Mr. Bridges then tells Grant […]

New Worship Service

New Worship Service You may remember my description of some infamous billboards in West Texas. Miles before reaching the New Mexico border you would see a huge billboard, “It’s coming!” Some miles later another would read, “Don’t miss it!” Again and again, a billboard would raise expectations of excitement about the coming marvel. Near Tucumcari […]

Katrina Lessons

Katrina Lessons We lived last week under the shadow of a possible hurricane or tropical storm. Fortunately, neither materialized, but we couldn’t help but remember that it was ten years ago that week that Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans and the Mississippi coast. One of our nation’s most destructive storms offers lessons which we dare […]

Loss of Life and Logic

Loss of Life and Logic American’s have recently been reawakened to the sad state of our nation as we continue plunging into the culture of death. We have lost logic, as well as life. Revelations about the ghastly and inhuman trafficking of human body parts by Planned Parenthood should awaken a sense of outrage. “Woe […]

Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For Janet and I greatly treasure our friendships in the family of God at First Baptist Church of Naples. We have had the most wonderful 23 ½ years of ministry here and look forward to even more time of service in this strategic place. Thank you for the many expressions of love, support, […]

Sowing and Offering

Sowing and Offering When God created the world and the herbs of the field, He decreed that they would bear fruit and “produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came” (Genesis 1:11). Producing fruit after like kind happens in the people world as well as in a plant world. Every seed that […]