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Sowing and Offering

Sowing and Offering When God created the world and the herbs of the field, He decreed that they would bear fruit and “produce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came” (Genesis 1:11). Producing fruit after like kind happens in the people world as well as in a plant world. Every seed that […]

“Shark Safety Tips”

“Shark Safety Tips” Each summer, we become more aware of those ocean predators – the various species of sharks.  I watched on TV as a surfer escaped from an attack.  As of the 4th of July weekend, North Carolina had experienced seven attacks even a surprising surge of bites along the eastern seaboard.  Just one […]

“Basic Training”

“Basic Training” Our military demands that each soldier, sailor, airman, and marine go through “Basic Training.”  Our church has established a high priority of basic training for our teenagers.  As a new Christian teenager, I learned how to have a quiet time, study the Bible, and memorize scripture at a mountain camp in northern Arizona.  […]

What About Bob?

What About Bob? Some of you remember the famous comedy film, which featured Bill Murray as a lovable nutcase who “didn’t get it,” entitled “What About Bob?” As Janet and I enjoy the last few days of summer vacation in Colorado, it is my great joy to introduce my good friend, Dr. Bob Reccord, once […]