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Haiti Missions 2014

This is a short recap of the work being done in Haiti. Anne Bessette traveled with a team to Haiti to work in different areas of the country, including Port-au-Prince. This video highlights a few of the people, places and accomplishments of that trip.

Going On, Not Getting Out

The phone rang late at night in the home of a local librarian. On the other end of the line, a young voice asked, “What time does the library open?” Angrily, the librarian retorted, “It doesn’t open until 9:00 in the morning. Why in the world would you be calling at this hour to get […]

God’s ID

My family and I were recently the victims of identity theft, with someone somehow getting my bank pin number and purchasing a number of items. TA Superstore rejected their online attempts three times; then finally fell into the trap. Fortunately, Janet went online the very morning we were to drive to North Carolina for a […]

Thoughts of a Dad

Janet and I had all of our family together last weekend and we were thrilled to hear our son, Evan, preach in the Saturday worship service. I exercised the Senior Pastor prerogative by asking him to do so while here on vacation. He was stunned knowing how carefully I guard my pulpit and cherish my […]

Thailand Missions Trip 2014

Christin White and Lynda Hoff had the opportunity to be a light to the country of Thailand as they were able to cut hair for hundreds of ladies and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We thank God for their ministry and their safe return.

Seed Start-Ups

As a youth, I visited Sequoia National Forest in California with my parents and was awed by the giant 300-feet tall trees. Some have trunks that are 30 feet in diameter and live up to 4,000 years. In the Middle East, I have seen palm trees that often bear fruit for 200 years. These creations […]

An Indispensable Support

As once again we celebrate our nation’s independence, it is good to remember our heritage, particularly leaders like George Washington. Retiring from public life at the end of his second term in 1796, he advised his countrymen in his farewell address to regard “religion and morality as indispensable supports to political prosperity.” He cautioned that […]