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The Nation’s Need

The Nation’s Need As this election season winds down this week, it will be remembered as one of the most confusing and bitter political races in the last 100 years. As Christians, we must prayerfully take the high ground and remember the words of Billy Graham, hoping that we elect “individuals who will seek divine […]

The Fate of Millions

The Fate of Millions Before the Battle of Long Island, General George Washington reminded his troops that they were not just fighting for the freedom of first-generation Americans: “The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army.” We are in another battle and face the daunting […]

Stop Pot…Again

Stop Pot…Again In this upcoming election, Americans will make major decisions, not only concerning political leaders, but also concerning various amendments. Once again, in Florida, we face a “Trojan Horse” in the promotion of medical marijuana, which cracks open the door for the complete legalization. Cannabis has been called joints, reefers, weed, grass, pot, and […]

Twenty Years Ago

Twenty Years Ago   Our church has always sought to adapt to the activity of God.  It was twenty years ago that we made a leap of faith that was highly unusual for any church at that time.  We enlisted a core group of people to attend and provide leadership in Bible & Life Groups […]

Welcome to Dr. Kevin Smith

Welcome to Dr. Kevin Smith Though I do not speak in many other churches on weekends, I felt led to accept the invitation to preach at the Calvary Baptist Church in Covington, Kentucky this weekend. They are celebrating  Heritage Week as one of the Midwest’s leading lighthouse ministries where the famed Bible teacher, Dr. Warren […]


Basics A famous NFL football coach described his success with four words – “Major on the basics,”as he constantly drilled the fundamentals. After salvation, Christians follow the Lord in water baptism. It certainly is a basic of believers and not “a Baptist doctrine.” It is a Bible doctrine and command. Jesus had a ministry of […]


Moving According to the Census Bureau, about one in eight Americans move each year. The typical American will relocate about a dozen times in a life.  However, according to the Upshot Blog at The New York Times, invariably many move close to Mom. Get these stats: 40% will eventually move within five miles, 50% within […]