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Vacation Bible School Results

We had an excellent time with Vacation Bible School this year as children discovered, decided, and learned to defend God’s truth.  With around 550 kids daily here on campus, it was a wild week of fun and excitement as well as a time for children to learn about God’s truth and how to know Him better. […]


In the famous book, In Search of Excellence, authors Peters and Waterman spoke of “hoopla” as a key to effectiveness in business. We might call it celebration or rejoicing. The best companies celebrate accomplishments and the people who are responsible. The authors of that book observed, “The leader is primarily an expert in the promotion […]

Being A Hall Of Fame Dad

In 1983, construction workers were remodeling the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. Moving a display cabinet, they found something very unusual. They saw an old photograph tucked behind the furniture – the picture of a stocky, friendly-looking man in a baseball uniform, with the words “Sinclair Oil” on the shirt. Stapled to the […]

Calling Kids to Agency D3

A number of men in my family were involved over the years in various areas of law enforcement: as County Sheriff, Detective, Chief of Police, Air Marshall, and in the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms Agency. Currently, my cousin, David Lindley, serves as Chief of Police in Mississippi and is a former detective. He and […]

What A Church!

When the Russian comedian, Yakov Smirnoff, immigrated to the United States, the thing he loved most about America was the grocery stores. He quipped: “I’ll never forget walking down one of the aisles and seeing powdered milk – just add water and you get milk. Right next to it was powdered orange juice – just […]

Summer Adult Bible Study

This summer’s topics will be: Overcoming Our Fears: Understanding God’s Names.  Summer Bible Study starts Wednesday June 4 at 6:30 P.M. in the Worship Center.  Workbooks are available in the Lighthouse Bookstore beginning May 25 for $13.00 each.  The summer will be split up into two studies. “What are You Afraid of?” By Dr. David […]

Finding Good Teammates

Aaron Rodgers, considered one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, is also a committed Christian. He said: “Other guys are looking at me and looking at my character, looking at the way I talk. I want to be known as a good teammate, doing what he said he was going to do and one who cares […]

Known For Service

A.W. Tozer wrote that we should be known by the following: “What we want most, what we think about most, how we use our money, what we do with our leisure time, the company we enjoy, who and what we admire, and what we laugh at.” While reputation is important, we also want to be […]