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Calling Kids to Agency D3

A number of men in my family were involved over the years in various areas of law enforcement: as County Sheriff, Detective, Chief of Police, Air Marshall, and in the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms Agency. Currently, my cousin, David Lindley, serves as Chief of Police in Mississippi and is a former detective. He and I played a lot together on the farm, shooting guns, riding horses, and playing “cops” and “cowboys.” We always loved for my uncle to let us take out a number of his guns into the woods. David learned gun safety and accuracy from my Uncle Ancil and his dad.

We are calling our children to learn something far more important in our Vacation Bible School this week, as we follow the theme “Agency D3.” We are “calling all special agents” to “examine eyewitness reports, physical proof, and biblical accounts about Jesus. They will uncover and defend His truth in this investigative case and have an opportunity to decide for Christ and to know Him personally. Thankfully, the Judge of the Universe forgives all guilt of our crimes when we turn to Him.

In Jesus’ day it was common for mothers to ask famous rabbis to bless their children. With Jesus they sought more than a blessing but wanted the loving touch of this great Teacher (Mark 10:13). Mark never explained why the disciples tried to keep the kids away. Perhaps they viewed them as ritually unclean, or, like most of the societies of that day, unworthy of an important person’s attention. Jesus “rebuked” them and invited the children into His arms of embrace (Mark 10:16). He affirmed the faith a child and that they can be examples of servanthood and the reception of Jesus by simple faith (Mark 9:35-37; Matthew 18:1-6).

Bring your children and neighbors to this event as they discover truth from God’s Word at the Evidence Vault at Bible time, enjoy snacks and crafts from the Lab Room, and get in shape and have fun with games at the Training Ground. As always, the worship music will be suited just for them in the Communication Hub. Pull the trigger of prayer for them and for Betsy Evans and all of our wonderful workers. We have them in our sights and aim to see lives changed. Won’t it be great when we “read them their rights” to Heaven, forgiveness, and blessing?

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