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Higher and Deeper

Janet and I are enjoying some vacation time in our favorite place of refreshment and relaxation – the mountains of Colorado. I have recorded a special Bible teaching time concerning prayer with others to be shared in WeFit on Wednesday night while I am away. We will be praying for you as you worship and […]

Being Right With The “One-Anothers”

Being Right With The “One-Anothers” The Bible describes our relationship with other members of the Body of Christ, manifested in the local church, in terms of “one-another.” We have actually done a study on the many times when we are to “love one another,” “bear one another’s burdens,” and so forth. In our summer study […]

May Gladness

May Gladness Anyone living in the United States in the month of March will hear the term, “March Madness,” which speaks of the exciting basketball tournaments to determine the NCAA Champion. Janet and I were privileged to be the guests of good friends at the 1989 Final Four in Seattle. Dr. Neal had somehow gotten […]

Discovering the Divine Design

Discovering the Divine Design Even at an early age, I knew that my dad was a smart man. He was a successful store owner, bookkeeper, salesman, company representative, truck driver, and Navy draftsman. Though never privileged to have a college education and growing up basically as a hillbilly in the south, he had natural engineering […]

Exulting in the Lord

Exulting in the Lord God is “exalted,” that is, elevated as the Most High, above all things, idols, and people in preeminence. But we also have the privilege of “exulting in the Lord” (1 Samuel 2:1). We rejoice in His goodness to us and delight in His grace. While we extol His virtues with great […]

The Power of a Mother’s Prayers

The Power of a Mother’s Prayers Did anyone ever predict when you were growing up that you would “never amount to anything?” Did someone thoughtlessly tell you that you would one day “wind up in jail?” Perhaps you grew up in the ghetto, barrio, or “the wrong side of the tracks.” Human predictions leave out […]

No Excuses

No Excuses While I ministered out West in the 1980’s, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Oklahoma City offered “No Excuse Sunday.” He listed the 15 most popular excuses given for missing church or avoiding involvement in ministries. Then he gave unusual answers. There were doctors present for those who made the excuse […]

Christ Community

Christ Community I shared last weekend about the dangerous dragon of individualism, which leads to independence from God and others. I gave a quick fly-over view of the first century church from Acts 15. This is so significant that I want you to read it for further meditation, study, and application. 1. There were obvious […]

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