Coronavirus Update


New Mask Recommendation for On-Campus Worship and Events

See what you can expect as we come back on-campus. Watch the video below.

We will have many precautions in place to protect everyone who attends, but we will all need good social distancing practices.

 Here are some items that we will have in place:

  • Limited seating in the Worship Center. Chairs will be spaced according to the current social distancing guidelines.

  • Touchless hand sanitizer stations throughout the building and at major entrances.

  • Offering boxes placed at the exit doors in the Worship Center.

  • First Words available for pick-up, but not passed out by greeters.

  • We will refrain from shaking hands or passing any items during the service.

  • Our cleaning service will be sanitizing the Worship Center between services.

We also realize that many in our congregation may be more vulnerable and we encourage you to continue to worship online, for your safety. So, if you feel safer worshipping at home, please do so, and we will see you as soon as you are comfortable attending in person.

Worship Through Live Streaming 

Please note: the May 30-31 on-campus Worship Services are based on current projections and if the COVID-19 trends change, we may need to adjust these plans.

There are also various ways that you can continue to worship through giving.  You can find out all of the ways at the link below:

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We want to do everything we can to assist and protect our seniors, widows, widowers, single parents, and high-risk individuals during the coronavirus outbreak. One practical thing we can do is to offer pickup services for groceries, mail, or other urgent errands or supplies.

I Need Assistance

If you are self-isolating due to the coronavirus, we want to help. If you need assistance, please use the following link to connect with us.

I Need Assistance Form

I Can Provide Help

Please let us know - by using the following link - if you are willing to provide help to our church family. This may entail being available to pick up items for those that are isolating or providing funds to assist with food purchases. (We are currently not accepting donations of items.) What a great ministry opportunity to be the church and love those that need help!

Provide Help Form


We have developed a Family Worship Guide to help you make the most of your Home Worship. You can download the guide at the link below:

Family Home Worship Guide

Download the Kid's Listening Guide

CTN Television

Sunday at 12:00pm and Tuesday at 6:30pm. You can find your channel below:


Our Worship Times: Saturday at 6:00pm (Band Led) | Sunday at 9:30am (Choir & Orchestra) | Sunday at 11:00am (Band Led)

FBCN.ORG Live Stream

FBCNaples Facebook Live

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We have identified several mission opportunities that you can take part in during the Coronavirus, self-isolation period.

Self-Isolating, I Can Help Card

We have created a card that you can use to reach out to your neighbors. This is a non-contact way to help people who may be lonely or may need assistance during this time.

You would print the cards and place them on your neighbors' doors. They would then give you a call or text if they need any assistance. You would then help them as you are able.

Regardless, this is a great way to show your neighbors that you care. 

Download the Coronavirus - I Can Help Card

Mask Making Ministry

We are partnering with Joann Fabric to make masks to provide for our medical professionals. 

You can sign up to help at the link below.

We are looking for people to help put together Mask Kits at Joann's and individuals to help sew masks at home.

Sign Up to Help with Masks

Video from Joann's as volunteers assemble masks kits.

Video with Critical Care Nurse, Erin Doyle, an FBCN Member.

Vegetable Box Distribution

On Monday, April 6th, several of your Pastoral Staff worked to distribute over 100 boxes of vegetables to families in our community. It was great to see people take the vegetables and share them with their neighbors, coworkers, and friends. 

As each person came through to pick up their box, we took the time to pray for them specifically during this time of uncertainty. 


Our Stewardship Team has collected several resources to help you make sense out of the government CARES Act. 

Check Out the Resources


There are various ministry opportunities throughout the week. You can find specific details on individual ministry pages.

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