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Finding Good Teammates

Aaron Rodgers, considered one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, is also a committed Christian. He said: “Other guys are looking at me and looking at my character, looking at the way I talk. I want to be known as a good teammate, doing what he said he was going to do and one who cares about other people.” It is my joy to coach a great ministry staff team. I love them all.

We mentioned last week that Alicia Diller has resigned. She first came to us some years ago as a ministry assistant, then she felt called to pursue seminary training at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. She moved back home and has served faithfully for the last 6 1/2 years, under the direction of our Counseling Pastor. She and Steve Hayes have impacted hundreds of lives. Alicia, thank you for being on the team.

We are also excited to have Greg and Amy Clydesdale in view of a call next weekend, as we vote concerning him for Pastor of Middle Schoolers. Greg and Amy have three children: Joshua (7), Jayla (5), Josiah (1). He has been serving in First Baptist Church of Bossier City, Louisiana. He grew up in Philadelphia and then moved to Tennessee, where he finished his education and served under one of the leading youth specialists in the country. He received his seminary degree at Southwestern Baptist and was also on the youth staff of an excellent church in Arlington. Greg loves middle schoolers and feels especially equipped and called to work with them. His wife, Amy, is also actively involved in the youth program and grew up as the child of a U.S. Army officer. They should have no trouble fitting in to our diverse Florida culture. Greg and our High School Pastor, Kevin Taylor, will be a winning team.

Just as football players have seen big game days, this weekend marks our transition into the Summer Schedule with one Sunday morning service at 9:30. Thank you for helping us to develop greater cohesion in one worship time during the lower attendance months!

I want to add my congratulations to all of our graduates at every level. As another great football player, Jason Witten, noted: “I need to train myself every day, to take criticism, take correction, not to get bitter but to get better. That helps me to keep moving in the right direction.” I pray that all of our students will continue to be connected to a local church, accountable to spiritual mentors, and to train in godliness and do their very best for God’s glory in whatever training or vocation they enter. “The right direction” is toward God’s goal line. We are here to help. “Go, fight, win!”

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