LifeMatters - February 2017

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Here are a listing of various resources & upcoming events that relate to the sanctity of life and caring for the vulnerable & voiceless.

Pregnancy Resource Center: Show Your Love Day
Volunteer Orientation will be held Monday, February, 20th from12:00-2:30pm at Summit Church, University Campus. RSVP to or call 239-513-9775.

40 Days for Life
Click here to see a video explaining what 40 Days for Life is all about. 40 Days for Life is a peaceful prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthood. Click here to find out how to join FBCN participants on Friday, March 24th, & March 31st, and Wednesday, April 5th.  Contact Cindy Case for all the details at or 596-8600 X 256. We need you!

ProLife Television: Action for Life
This station provides local programing, Christian in nature, with interviews of local ministry leaders and what is going on in OUR community.  Click here to see CNT 10 TV channel listing and programming schedule.

Fascinating Facts Unborn Baby Cells Repair Mom's Organs
This popular meme suggests that an unborn baby can send its own stem cells to its mother to repair damaged organs. Memes are not always known for their scientific accuracy, so what’s the truth behind this one?  Click here to see the article!

Communicating the ProLife Message to Children
As parents (or kids’ caretakers), we have the opportunity to build pro-life values into them from a young age. Of course, we can talk to them directly about the value of every life, explain things, and answer questions.   Click here for some good ideas...

5 Things You Can Do this year to save lives
2017 could prove to be a breakthrough year for protecting innocent human life in the U.S. We have a new pro-life Administration assuming leadership in the Executive Branch…a pro-life Congress…and the prospect of judges who will uphold our life-affirming Constitution. Pre-born children and their mothers, the frail elderly, and people with disabilities could receive greater legal protection in the new year.  Still, 2017 will not achieve its pro-life potential without your help! Click here for FIVE THINGS you can do in the new year to help save lives.

Say It Aint So!
Another top executive at Facebook recently funneled more money to the nation’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood. The company’s chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, said she donated $1 million to the abortion group in response to federal lawmakers’ plans to defund it, Fox News reports.  Click here for the full story.

In our society today, our very human essence of being created in the image of God, is being challenge on almost every level. Help us in demonstrating the truth that every life matters to God and to us, regardless of development, skin color, gender or age.

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