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Children's  Homes

Do you have a heart for children in need? Looking for a place to start? Join us for our upcoming Foster and Adoptive Informational Meeting at Summit Church on 19601 Ben Hill Griffin Pkwy, Fort Myers, FL 33913 on Tuesday, January 9th from 6-8pm. We will have a short presentation followed by Q&A. To RSVP or more information   or (239) 785-9552.

Action for Life Event

Freedom of Conscience  Act 2017

Florists, bakeries, small businesses, large businesses.  All are under attack....Appearing under the headline, “To be really pro-choice, you must protect each doctor’s choice to not perform abortions,” Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, eloquently made the case for passage of the “Conscience Protection Act of 2017.” Current federal law does not sufficiently protect the conscience rights of health care professionals and others."  Read the article in it's entirety here.

What to Do When a Friend Is Considering Abortion

If someone shared with you she was pregnant and hadn’t ruled out having an abortion, would you know how to respond? The answer can be summed up in an old adage: We have two ears and one mouth, and should use them in that proportion.  Read the article  here for practical ways to speak to someone considering an abortion.  If this resonates in your heart, consider becoming an advocate at the Pregnancy Resource Center here in NaplesClick here to visit their website to find out how you can help!

Surrendering the Secret

Do you have an abortion in your past?  The statistics say that 48% of women in childbearing years have had at least one abortion and of those, 70% have some sort of religious affiliation.  Abortion in the church-you betcha!  But God is passionate about you becoming healed and whole, and the church should be all about this.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, drug or alcohol abuse, broken relationships, and other trauma symptoms,  have you ever considered whether your abortion played a part in the way you suffer today?  If you would like to begin a healing journey with women who understand your pain, who have been in your shoes, please join us for the next class beginning on Wednesday evenings, January 17th.  This highly confidential, 8 week Bible Study takes you through the process of healing with video teaching by Pat Layton, author of "Surrendering the Secret" and is facilitated by Cindy Case.  Don't let this one event of your life define your life. God can truly set you free!  Call 239-596-8600 X 284 or email .  Call Cindy directly at 239-849-2195. 

Abortion’s Negative Impact on Women’s Health:
Psychological Repercussions

"People generally understand that drugs and surgery come with risks, so they are not entirely surprised that chemical and surgical abortions sometimes come with serious or even fatal complications.

But what about psychological aftereffects? If the unborn child were nothing more than an undifferentiated mass of tissue, one wouldn’t expect there to be any lasting repercussions (at least not for the woman).

But women living in the modern age have seen the ultrasounds, heard the heartbeats, and witnessed the marvels of fetal development in living color on video screens. They know that abortion takes the life of an innocent human being and their participation in that unjust action can weigh heavy on their hearts and minds.

This is why, when Dr. Pike looks beyond the industry’s promotion of abortion as a positive, affirming choice and examines the studies that measure actual psychological outcomes, he finds evidence of a lot of deep pain.  Read the article in it's entirety here to see what some of the real effects of abortion truly are.  Be informed before you or someone you know makes a "choice.""

Another article that really hits us where we live is about disenfranchised grief.  "...disenfranchised grief is “when your heart is grieving but you can’t talk about or share your pain with others because it is considered unacceptable to others.” What a perfect illustration of what so many women—and not a few men—endure after an abortion.  Click here to read this excellent piece that gets to the very heart of why women won't come forward for healing and instead live in their grief or denial of that grief.



From February 14 to March 25, our community will take part in 40 Days for Life … a groundbreaking, coordinated international  mobilization. We pray that, with God’s help, this will mark the beginning of the end of abortion in our city — and beyond.  We NEED you to stand a post, to pray, to give witness to our city that every life matter!  Contact Cindy Case at 239-596-8600 X 256 or email to be involved with planning and standing!


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