Ken Ham/Bill Nye Live Debate

Watch live at
(NOTE) This is an online event ONLY.  This is NOT an FBCN production.

What time is the debate?
The debate starts at 7:00 PM (EST) and will conclude at 9:30 PM. The question and answer session will begin at 8:45 PM.

Will there be an intermission?
No, there will be no intermission during the debate.

Is the live stream really free?
Yes, the live stream is really 100% FREE of charge on as well as Google+ Hangouts On Air powered by YouTube, and will be available to re-watch on our YouTube channel immediately following the debate. (We are unsure how many days following the event the video will remain available on YouTube to re-watch.)

Is there a limited number of live streams available?
No, the live stream is through YouTube with no known stream limits.

Can I tell others about this free live stream?
Yes, you should spread this information to as many people as possible.
Can I ask questions of the moderator during the event?

This may be a possibility on the night of the debate. We may allow a certain number of questions for those watching through the Google+ Hangout On Air event.