Pastor's Article

Something for the Whole Family

Many of us remember when television was particularly known for its “variety shows,” often advertising “something for the whole family.” I grew up watching “The Ed Sullivan Show” and was often forced to endure “The Lawrence Welk Show” by my big-band-loving parents. Baby-boomers remember comedians who hosted shows such as Carol Burnette and Rowan and Martin. Even people like Tony Orlando, Glen Campbell, and other singers had their variety platforms. Ah, a bygone era!

Ministry for Christ is serious business. While we focus on Him, we are privileged to offer an unusual variety of growth opportunities for youth and adults this weekend, as DiscipleNow challenges our students to defend their faith. Sean McDowell will not only be speaking to them, but also preaching in our Saturday evening service. He connects with students and adults in a tangible way through humor, stories, and the utilization of hard evidence and logic to present the Christian worldview. He leads the Bible Department of Capistrano Valley Christian Schools, and received the Educator of the Year award for his city in California. He is also considered one of the top apologists for the faith in the nation. He has appeared on numerous radio programs with Focus on the Family, Point of View, as well as programs hosted by Michael Reagan and others. He is the author and co-author of numerous books with his dad, Josh. 

Chip Ingram, one of our favorite speakers, will preach on Sunday morning and lead a unique seminar about discovering God’s blueprint for the home on Sunday evening. He reaches over a million people a week through radio, TV, internet, and other means. He has a unique ability to practically relate the Christian message to the home, love, sex, money, and painful circumstances. The author of 14 books, he is Senior Pastor of Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California (in the Bay area) and is President of Living on the Edge. He also served formerly as President of Walk Thru the Bible. Whether he is speaking on love, parenting, or marriage, you will be greatly impacted by this gentleman who is a special friend to our church.  

Our TV viewing habits have changed as has our vocabulary, including terms such as “binge viewing.” This involves watching episode after episode, day after day, eating whole chunks of “entertainment” often in a week. It has been enhanced by the rise of Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and so forth. It reminds me too much of overeating chocolate ice cream. However, setting aside this weekend to seek the Lord will not be a binge, but the blessing of spiritual saturation. Don’t you need some variety in your life? Daniel even spent three weeks in prevailing prayer during a time of special need (Daniel 10:2). Like him may we have “a word revealed to us and gain understanding” (Daniel 10:1).