Perspectives on Stewardship

Commission or Omission?

Posted by Kent Anderson on

Sin is a frequent topic of discussion among Christians.  It’s an important topic as sin is what separates from God. But what is sin?  Simply put, sin is anything that is displeasing to God and falls short of God’s perfect moral law. We most often focus on sins of...

How Much is Enough? I

Posted by Kent Anderson on

How would you answer that question?What’s your reaction when you hear the word contentment? Are you content or is envy a challenge for you? Are you satisfied and pleased with what you have? Or, do you typically find yourself wanting more?Wanting more is an easy trap to fall into...

The Cookie Lady

Posted by Kent Anderson on

When we speak of stewardship, we often think of it only in terms of giving of our financial resources. And certainly, giving of our financial resources to support the work of the church is an important part of our stewardship responsibility.Throughout Scripture, we are encouraged and instructed...

Twenty Dollars

Posted by Kent Anderson on

I recently came across this riddle titled It’s Strange. I won’t repeat the entire riddle but suffice it to say, it is both challenging and thought provoking. Here’s a portion of it:It’s StrangeIt’s strange how $20 doesn’t seem like a lot of money when I go out...

Solid Rock or Sinking Sand

Posted by Kent Anderson on

For several years I have attended a weekly Bible study in person. I now attend online. I admit it’s not the same. Yet, it’s still good to connect with these friends and fellow believers. We are all adjusting to the changes brought on by COVID 19, but of course, we hope things will...


Posted by Kent Anderson on

It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times. As a nation and even worldwide, we are going through uncharted and unexpected waters. Around the world we are seeing illness and death from a cause unimagined just a few months ago. It’s a poignant reminder of the caution given in...


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