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It goes without saying that these are unprecedented times. As a nation and even worldwide, we are going through uncharted and unexpected waters. Around the world we are seeing illness and death from a cause unimagined just a few months ago. It’s a poignant reminder of the caution given in Proverbs 27, not to boast about tomorrow for we do not know what a day may bring forth.

For many the impact has been very damaging and painful, both in terms of physical health, as well as financial well-being. Many thousands have fallen ill to COVID-19, and sadly, many lives have been lost to the virus. Additionally, many others have either lost their jobs, or their businesses have been decimated by the shut-down and requirement to quarantine and shelter-in-place.

But what about you? Are you one God has blessed with a financial surplus? Do you have more than you need to see you and your family through this crisis? If so, let us be ever thankful for what God has entrusted to us to provide for our needs. God does care for us.

But, in addition to meeting our own needs, we must also be mindful of those who may need assistance at this time.

In Isaiah 58 we are reminded that it is pleasing to God to share with those in need and in Matthew 25 Christ tells us of servants who were appointed as stewards, entrusted to manage the affairs of the master while he was away. Christ went on to say that when we help someone in need it is as if we were doing it unto Christ himself.

We are Christ’s stewards and He has entrusted us to manage His affairs, to accomplish His purposes while He is “away”. But His purposes are broader than simply meeting our own needs. His purposes also include helping those in need - whether they be in our church, our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and those in our community.

What better time to share and display and demonstrate the love of Christ than when people are hurting and looking for answers - when they are mindful of their need for Him as never before?

Our stewardship includes our time, our talents (abilities) and our treasure (financial assets).

So, what can you give? The church has set up ways to provide assistance to help those in need.

We can help you help others! Please call (239)596-8600 x254.


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