Preschool Ministry

Laying spiritual foundations for infants through kindergartners…

We Offer Your Child Many Opportunities To Learn and Grow
This ministry offers a variety of Bible-based activities designed especially for infants through kindergartners to help them experience the love of Jesus and teach them what Jesus wants them to know.

Bible and Life Groups – Bible and life application are taught using hands-on learning activities including music, puzzles, books, home-living, art, blocks, nature, and Bible stories. Kindergartners learn to worship with their parents one hour and attend a Bible and Life Group one hour. Preschool Bible and Life Groups meet on Saturdays at 6:00 PM and 7:30 PM and Sundays at 9:30AM and 11:00 AM.

Praise Kids Choirs – Children in Pre-K4 and Kindergarten are invited to explore the Bible through music on Sunday evenings from 6:00-7:30. Play and Praise focuses on music education, performance, and worship in a fun environment designed for preschoolers.

Island Kidz – This is a fantastic worship experience designed exclusively for kindergartners. It incorporates songs, movement, drama, and Bible content that teach truth.

MOPS Kids – Infants through four year olds are welcome while their moms attend MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

RefresHer Kids – RefresHer Kids supports the total development of preschoolers through movement activities, games, music, and art. Kids learn about God, Jesus, and the Bible through fun experiences. This program is available for all preschoolers while their moms attend RefresHer Women’s Bible Study on Tuesday mornings.

Awana – Children in PreK-3 through kindergarten learn to apply the Bible to their daily lives on Wednesday evenings from 6:20-8:00 PM. Games, puppets, music, art, Bible stories, and Bible memory are all part of making Awana one of the highlights of your child’s week.
Parent Dedication – Following a one-hour Parent Dedication class, parents come before the church body during a Worship Service and dedicate their child to God while dedicating themselves to raise their child in a Christian home.


What are Bible and Life Groups?

Because pre-schoolers learn best by doing, practical Bible and life application is taught to babies through kindergartners using learning activities including music, puzzles, books, home-living, art, blocks, nature, and Bible stories.
When are Bible and Life Groups offered?
Saturday Nights:     Babies – Pre-K4     6:00-8:30      Kindergarten*   7:30-8:30
Sunday Mornings:   Babies – Pre-K4     9:30-12:00    Kindergarten*   9:30-10:30 OR 11:00- 12:00

What time do preschool classes open?
Preschool classes open fifteen minutes prior to regular church-wide activities and services.

What do I do when I arrive?
We will ask you to complete a Preschool Information and Security Slip.

A receptionist at the Preschool Information Desk will assist you in completing a Preschool Information and Security Slip for each child. This slip gives us important information about your child, where you will be located, and also assures that only you or the person you appoint can pick up your child.  The top yellow copy will be given to your child’s teacher as you drop your child off.  The pink copy will act as your “claim ticket” when you return for your child.

To what class should I take my child?We closely grade the ages of the children in each room to provide the safest and best possible learning environment for your child.  For that reason, we ask that you take your child to the class that the Preschool Receptionist has selected for your child. If you have any concerns about a specific class, please ask to speak to a Supervisor.

What is the process for leaving my child in class?
Your child must be escorted to the class by their parent or adult guardian.  Your child will not be received from or released to a sibling under 18 years of age.  Upon arriving, slide the yellow copy of the Preschool Information and Security Slip under the door, knock, and wait for your child’s teacher to open the door.  Allow your child to walk into the room unaccompanied.  To provide a secure environment for all the children, parents are asked not to enter the room.  Children adjust best when parents reassure their child, say good-bye, and  leave quickly.  If your child does not settle down or needs you for any reason, we will call you. Leave your phone on vibrate.

What should I bring for my child?
Please include the following items in your diaper bag:  bottles, pacifier, diapers, diaper wipes, large zipper bag (for wet clothes or cloth diapers, if needed), and extra clothing, just in case.  Please be sure that all items, including the diaper bag itself, are clearly labeled with your child’s name.  Diaper bag tags available at the Preschool Information Desk. Please keep personal toys at home so that they do not get lost or broken.

What if my child needs to be fed?
We are pleased to feed your baby a bottle; however, due to the care required of all children, we are not able to spoon feed children. If you nurse your baby, we will page you when your child needs to be fed.  We invite you to use our private nursing room available in the preschool hallway, room 154, located next to the baby room.

What about snacks?
A simple snack of Club Crackers and iced water will be served to your child.  Sometimes our lessons include cooking, so please indicate any allergies on the Preschool Information and Security Slip each time, and place an allergy alert sticker on your child.  Also, tell your child’s teacher about the allergy.  We ask parents not to put personal snacks in diaper bags because of allergies of other children in the room.

How should I dress my child?
To help your child have the best experience at church, dress him or her in comfortable play clothes that are appropriate for painting, sandplay, and outdoor play. Smocks are used when children paint; however, accidents do happen, so allowing your child to wear play clothes is a good idea.

How do I pick up my child?
Only you or the adult guardian you have appointed on your Preschool Information and Security Slipcan pick up your child.  Your child will not be released to a sibling under 18 years of age.  Return your vibrating pager to the Preschool Information Desk, and we will give you your yellow copy of the Preschool Information and Security Slip. Upon arriving at the classroom, slide the yellow copy under the door, knock, and wait for your child to be brought to you.  To provide a secure environment for all the children, parents are asked not to enter the room.

What if my child is not feeling well?
To provide a healthy environment for all preschoolers, we ask that you not bring your child if he or she has a cold, a fever (currently or within 24 hours), diarrhea, sore throat, pink eye, unexplained rash, or any symptoms of illness.  We do not administer medication of any kind.  Please arrange to administer your child’s medication, if applicable, before bringing your child to church.  If we work together, all of our children and teachers will have healthier, happier times at church.

What curriculum do you use?
LifeWay curriculum, a quality Bible-based curriculum that focuses on activity teaching, is used for children of all ages. This curriculum has been chosen because it provides meaningful, biblical lessons and activities for each age group based on proven child development research. There is a foundational scope and sequence of learning that progresses each year of your child’s life. We will be happy to give you a copy so you can see what your child is learning, and we also invite you to observe in a class to see how activities are used to teach your child.

Foundations of Laying Faith with the Bible  

  • God wants children to know Him.
  • The church and the home need to build the foundation of faith when children are young.
  • Christian growth best occurs through encounters with the Bible.
  • Relationships with others who love the Bible is the greatest influence.
  • Children need to be able to read the Bible for themselves to grow in faith.
  • Children need experiences through applying the Bible to their lives.
  • The child’s reading level needs to be considered when choosing a Bible.
  • Daily application prepares children for lifetime experience with the Bible.