A Heart for Discipleship

    I grew up going to church, but it was not until I was in middle school that I placed my faith in Jesus Christ. The church I grew up in was great at leading people to faith, but no one would tell me what the next steps were to grow in my faith. Like a typical church-going girl, I would read my Bible every now and then and attend church regularly, but there wasn’t much spiritual growth.

    During college, I became involved with Campus Crusade for Christ and loved working with small groups, as well as being actively involved in my local church. In these places, I finally saw what walking with the Lord really looked like in the day to day. I saw students boldly living out what they believed, but also saw true discipleship modeled. It was something I craved and saw how it was radically changing lives. 

    Over the course of my time at Clemson, the Lord really burdened my heart for young women and the need for more intentional discipleship. Having older and younger ladies “to do life with” is so important. We all need a Paul, Timothy, and Titus in our lives. We need a Paul; someone wiser and more mature in the faith to lead us along. We all need a Timothy; a peer who may be walking through similar seasons to encourage one another. But, we also need a Titus. We need to be intentionally investing in those younger than us.

    My heart is to share the hope of the Gospel with students, but also help them with the next steps and to get them plugged into the church. I truly believe that the Lord has given me such a heart and passion for discipleship and small groups, because it was lacking for me growing up. Each day, I consider it an honor and a privilege to love on and minister to students. I look forward to all that the Lord has in store here at First Baptist Church Naples. By God’s grace, I hope I can make a difference in this lifetime for His Kingdom.


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