Action or Deterioration

    When Spain was conquered by the Romans, the ruling government built an aqueduct to bring fresh drinking water from the mountains into the little Spanish village. It was built without the aid of sophisticated equipment or advanced materials. Although made out of clay, it effectively transported the cool water to the village miles below the mountains. However, in the last century, that same village decided to replace the ancient clay aqueduct with an iron pipe. As soon as it went out of use, it began to quickly deteriorate. The flowing water kept it moist and strong, the clay dried out and became dust. For over 18 centuries, it had been useful and usable, but the moment it ceased to flow with action and service, there was deterioration. May we not commit the evils which the Lord denounced in Jeremiah 2:13, “Forsaking Him, the fountain of living waters, and hewed out cisterns for themselves, broken cisterns that can hold no water.”

    When our muscles are not used, atrophy sets in. When the love of Christ through the indwelling Holy Spirit flows as “rivers of living water out of our innermost being,” this results in service. We become “a minister of Christ who is acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:16). We, therefore, “have reason to be proud of our work for God” because it is “what Christ has accomplished through us” (Romans 15:18). We are useful and usable as Christians as long as we are serving in His strength.

    We have said this for 25 years, but it is still true, “Everybody is somebody in His Body” at First Baptist Church. We need your willingness to work in many different areas of ministry. Even more than our need, you need it to remain fresh clay in the Master’s hands.

    As we talk about service, you will hear of many needs in different areas. While we seek to equip and disciple you in ministry, something wonderful happens when we serve as the Spirit of God flows through us. Never think that you are being used as a tool in a machine to accomplish tasks, but rather a vessel to glorify God.


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