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    God-Powered Flight

    03.20.19 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

    How would you like to fly your stationary bicycle? Probably not your cup of tea, but in 1960, British industrialist, Henry Kremer, offered $14,000 for any manpowered aircraft (MPA) that could fly a special course. On August 23, 1977, Paul...

      Getting the Signals Right

      03.13.19 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

      Communication is so important. In 1978, Coach John McKay hired Joe Gibbs to be Offensive Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; however, McKay had always called his own plays. Joe describes the confusion that ensued. They did not have...

        A Good Offense

        03.06.19 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

        It has been said that, “The best defense is a good offense,” and vice versa, “The best offense is a good defense.” Games are won when both are in working order. We are called to “defend the faith” while at the...

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