Available and Reliable

    We have all seen pictures or broadcasts of the President of the United States signing an important document or bill. President Bill Clinton would change fountain pens with each signing, while President George W. Bush would affix his signature with the same pen over and over again. He preferred availability, reliability and efficiency to giving away souvenirs. The Lord seeks available and reliable instruments to affirm His message as it transforms lives.

    As we are praying about being “All In,” we will have some very special opportunities in the next few weeks to be available for the Lord to use us. Jesus said that “no man can serve two masters,” but he must and will serve one! As Adrian Rogers wrote, “Most people want to serve God but only in an advisory capacity.” May we be like Saul when he met Jesus and asked the two greatest questions: “Who are You, Lord?” and “Lord, what do You want me to do?” Please pray about what God would have you to do in terms of an initial First Fruits offering and a Pledge of Commitment to give over the next two years to help us to refurbish our Worship Center to become reliable and usable.

    The base of operations is in need of upgrading and improving, much like the “House of the Lord” in Ezra’s day in 458 BC. Our prayer is that all will say, “Let us build with you, for we worship your God as you do, and have been sacrificing to Him” (Ezra 4:2). “Of all His people, may God be with him and let each bring his freewill offerings for the House of God” (Ezra 1:3, 4). We need to improve seating, seeing, hearing, and experiencing worship and ministry. This is not something that can be budgeted as deferred maintenance with contingency funds. We have a comprehensive, master plan utilizing the nation’s most successful worship center design firm - Paragon 360.

    Ask Him what He would have you to do, obey and then trust Him. While using human calculation, allow room for supernatural provision from God as we give by revelation and not just by reason. You won’t hear an audible voice, but there should be a reoccurring, persistent sense of the Spirit’s leading. Seek to agree with your spouse, having peace about the decision. In your heart, sign your commitment with, “Yes, Lord.”


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