Call the Ball

    I’m thrilled for the week we have ahead. I love Kingdom Missions Conference week. It’s sort of like our “call the ball” moment as a church.  On an aircraft carrier, this term is used to help ensure that a landing aircraft is lined up and approaching the carrier at the correct speed, elevation, and angle.  Each ship has its own aircraft controller and most importantly a Landing Signal Officer or LSO.  The aircraft controller guides the plane in from 20 miles out, but when the plane gets within one mile, the critical “call the ball” happens when the LSO takes over and guides the aircraft in for a safe landing.  I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to land an aircraft on a ship that is being tossed by the waves of the sea. Can you imagine all the adjustments that must be made to keep it on course? 

    In the culture that we live in today, it is so easy for us to get tossed to and fro.  We all need to make constant adjustments to stay on course with the mission that God has left us.  Remember that Jesus’ mission to share the Gospel with the world was His last directive to us. Our “call the ball” was to be about that mission, to “seek first His Kingdom”, and to share the Good News with a world that desperately needs it.  As we are reminded of God’s Legacy of Missions this week, let’s honor the past work God has done, and let’s consider how God is asking us to partner in the work He is doing in the present.  May we all “pray to the Lord of the Harvest,” to guide us to engage into the future work that lies ahead.     

    Please pray about your commitment toward the Kingdom Missions Offering to pledge over the next year in specific giving above your regular tithe.  We will receive your commitment cards next week at the end of our services.  After all, we need to “call the ball.”


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