Caring for God's Saints

    It has been my privilege to be on the pastoral staff at FBCN for the past fourteen years. What a blessing to be in a healthy church with a wonderful congregation and a Pastor who loves the Lord!

    I was not raised in a Christian home. In fact, during much of my childhood, I could be best described as an atheist/agnostic. I knew virtually nothing of the Bible or our Savior.  But, forty-nine years ago, the Lord saw fit to reveal Himself through the ministry of a small Southern Baptist church in Florida City.

    When I realized that the Lord loved me and died for me, offering eternal life as a free gift, my life changed completely. My priorities changed and I started reading God’s Word with a thirst that could only be described as all-consuming. My goals changed and the Lord drew me to prepare for ministry. He placed me in non-vocational ministry for many years until calling me to become an associate pastor at FBCN (first as Children’s Pastor for eight years and then as Pastor of Pastoral Care and Senior Adults for the past six years) all by God’s grace and His timing!! 

    While being the pastoral care and senior adult pastor, I have had the privilege of getting to know so many of our “seasoned” citizens. I have seen them grow in their faith and dependence on the Lord even when facing difficult trials, illnesses, and even death. There is something special about being with one of God’s children as they pass from this world of trials to the arms of our Lord. It gives great comfort to know that God has a prepared a place for them that is so much better than this (I Corinthians 2:9). Our Lord defeated death on Calvary and we can all confidently look toward eternity because of His amazing grace. His grace is eternal, abundant, and available to all.

    I was blessed to come to FBCN in my 40’s. Now I am in my 60’s and love being a husband, father, grandfather, and...yes...great-grandfather as I joyfully anticipate what the Lord has yet to reveal!! The Lord is not done with me,  and I am blessed to be allowed to serve on the pastoral staff at our church...FBCN!!


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