Caring For What God Has Given

    Each year, our nation sets aside November 11th as Veterans Day to recognize and honor our military veterans and to thank them for their service and willingness to defend our country and its freedoms. 

    Each veteran, as he or she entered the military, took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. None will forget when they took that oath. There was pride, perhaps with a bit of apprehension, but a moment indelibly etched into their memory. 

    I remember when both of my sons entered the military and took that oath. As a father, I was apprehensive, more so than when I took that oath, but, I also remember my pride in the path they were about to undertake.

    As an expression of gratitude and support of our military, since 2003, our church, through our Operation Soldier Care ministry, has sent more than 10,400 care-boxes to deployed troops, even if they are not associated with First Baptist. This is done to remind them that they have not been forgotten. Each 13 pound box is packed with snacks, including powdered mixes to sweeten their canteen water, along with Bibles and encouraging inspirational material.

    It has been rightly said that freedom is not free. With freedom comes responsibility...a stewardship. Stewardship is defined as “the responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.” As citizens, we are all stewards. God has entrusted this great nation to each of us for our care, whether or not we ever serve in the military. 

    The principle of stewardship is important to all areas of life. God has similarly given us a stewardship responsibility to care for our families. As members of our church, God has given us a stewardship responsibility to carefully use all that He has entrusted to us to accomplish His purposes, for His glory.

    This weekend, let us remember to thank our veterans and honor them for their service, but also to reflect on the stewardship responsibility each of us has before the Lord, to our country, to our family, to our church, and to our God.


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