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    True Worship

    01.03.19 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

    Jesus stunned the Samaritan woman by saying, “The true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth” (John 4:23). When we gather as a church, we teach the truth of the Word of God, (Ephesians 4:25) and worship “in...

      Assembly Required

      12.18.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

      Parents usually cringe at the sight of these words on a toy: “Some assembly required.” Frankly, I discovered that “some” was an understatement! Janet and I often spent time each Christmas Eve putting things together late...

        Redeeming Social Media for Christ

        12.12.18 | Weekly Article | by Kenneth Bonnett

        Social media has become ingrained into our culture over the past decade. Pew Research Center states that about 68% of U.S. adults are regular Facebook users, and 71% of adults 18 to 24-years-old use Instagram on a regular basis. Like it or not...

          The Best Christmas Gift

          11.28.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

          I accidentally happened to see the latest Christmas version of The Sharper Image magazine. I was then reminded of the cliche, “the gift for the person who has everything.” Frankly, I’m not a good shopper and struggle to be...

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