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    Ushering Hospitality

    07.25.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

    There is something in the human heart that longs to pursue. We are challenged by a great chase. We speak of pursuing the “brass ring,” the “American dream,” the Championship, the sales quota, the course record, or a...

      Using God’s Gifts For His Glory

      07.18.18 | Weekly Article | by Eric Yeldell

      You are made by God on purpose, for a purpose. This was one of the driving themes of our third annual Creative Arts Camp, which the folks in our worship ministry hosted last week. We had an incredible time inspiring children to use the gifts and...

        Laying Biblical Foundations

        07.11.18 | Weekly Article | by Renee Blain

        I was raised in a Christian home and introduced to the love of Jesus at an early age. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was six years old and was baptized shortly thereafter. My parents’ marriage came to an end when I was eight - an...

          Security and Safety

          07.03.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

          News alerts of mass shootings in schools, churches, and even newspaper offices have become commonplace. Truly, “the days are evil,” but God is “our refuge and strength.” He calls us to wise preparation and courageous...

            Focusing on Financial Freedom

            06.27.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

            As we celebrate our nation’s independence from eighteenth century tyrannical England, remember that Christians are to be free from financial bondage and enjoy the liberty of generosity. We proclaim, “I will walk in liberty, for I seek...

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