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    Caring for God's Saints

    11.14.18 | Weekly Article | by Larry Rigley

    It has been my privilege to be on the pastoral staff at FBCN for the past fourteen years. What a blessing to be in a healthy church with a wonderful congregation and a Pastor who loves the Lord! I was not raised in a Christian home. In fact...

      Caring For What God Has Given

      11.07.18 | Weekly Article | by Kent Anderson

      Each year, our nation sets aside November 11th as Veterans Day to recognize and honor our military veterans and to thank them for their service and willingness to defend our country and its freedoms.  Each veteran, as he or she entered the...

        Praying for Missionaries

        10.31.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. David Heath

        Traveling with friends, we approached an intersection with a flashing red light. We stopped, but as we continued, the driver kept jamming on the brakes when the light blinked on and hit the gas pedal when it went off. It hit me that often we...

          Winning With the Basics

          10.24.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

          Every coach knows the importance of teaching and reaffirming the fundamentals of performance. Before a season would ever start, college basketball’s winningest coach, John Wooden of UCLA, would teach his players how to tie their shoes...

            The Election Crossroad

            10.17.18 | Weekly Article | by Dr. Hayes Wicker

            The early 20th Century witnessed what seemed to be a life and death struggle between religious modernism and fundamentalism. The high water mark of the conflict was during the infamous “Scopes Monkey Trial” held in Dayton, Tennessee...

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