You would not think of communicating by signaling with semaphore, using flags or lights. Semaphores were used before the invention of the telegraph to transmit messages or convey distress signals. Small flags were held in each hand and moved to different angles to communicate letters of the alphabet or numbers. Unquestionably, communication has changed.  While we were told to master the “three r’s” - “readin’, ’ritin and ’rithmetic,” leaders in our post-modern world also understand the importance of the three C’s: communication, collaboration and creativity.

    As a biblical church, we do not seek to be culture-driven or culture-determined, but Christ-centered, Spirit-led and culture-sensitive. As Voltaire said, “If you would speak to me, you must first learn my language.” In other words, one must “smarten up” to his level since he refused to “dumb down.” He did not understand life’s mystery as found in biblical theology. “The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us” (John 1:14). The essence of incarnation - God in flesh coming for us and speaking to us - demands that we tell the Good News clearly. We don’t dumb down, but we must wise up. 

    It is vital that a church have someone with a pastor’s heart and technical skills to assist in comprehensive messaging. It demands a paradigm shift in understanding how people relate, as over the last twenty-five years, we have moved from not just the spoken word exclusively to digital online communication, social media and visual graphic presentation. We also know psychologically that people need about seven touches to truly get the message and stay connected in community.

    The pastoral staff and Personnel Committee are thrilled to invite Rev. Kenneth Bonnett to our church and staff as Pastor of Communications. While Pastor Eric Yeldell has been overseeing this for some time, along with his Worship Pastor role, it is essential in going to the next level that we have someone of Kenneth’s skill set, theological perception and pastoral background. He is currently serving as Marketing and Promotions Director for the Salem Media Group, a Christian comprehensive radio and communications network.

    Kenneth also served as Director of Communications for the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, as Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Amsterdam, New York, as the lead supervisor of training and retention for United Parcel Service in Raleigh and as lead interactive graphics/web developer for the Avenue Group in Wilmington, North Carolina. With a Master of Divinity in biblical counseling, as well as degrees in biblical studies and drafting and design, Kenneth has excellent training. He will oversee creative production and graphic design, website, branding and general administration of all areas of communication. We will welcome Kenneth, his wife Kristen, and their children Hayley and Elijah, next weekend.


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