Dancing in the Night

    The film, The Fisher King, was partially filmed in Times Square in New York City. The crew rented the entire area for a night, with the extras needing to be out by 5:30 am. In a particular scene, extras were to dance the waltz. They were regular citizens, many of whom demonstrated dismal dancing technique. Aids spent the night passing around water to the exhausted.

    The atmosphere changed as the star of the film, Robin Williams, suddenly began waltzing through the crowd, taking individuals by the arm and dancing with them from place to place. Thirst and sleepiness were suddenly forgotten as a thousand New Yorkers were electrified by the charisma of this flawed and brilliant yet troubled talent.

    Jesus, the “Bright and Morning Star,” is not only the main character of history’s drama, but the Producer and Director. He even wrote the script in 66 books of the Bible. He was magnetically attracting people to Himself wherever He went.

    When Jesus rode the colt into Jerusalem in what is called the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday, He demonstrated not just charisma, but glory. His claim to fame was not talent and connections, but truth and grace. He electrified the thousands of pilgrims who had gathered for the Passover Feast. He was dancing in the darkness, knowing that those who cried, “Hosanna!” would soon say with spite, “Crucify Him!”

    Everyone who met Jesus sensed that He had chosen them for a “waltz” in the world. His joy was contagious and His love was infectious. We celebrate Him once again and remember all of the suffering which led to the cross on Good Friday and Easter resurrection. He is even now in our midst.

    I trust that you will invite unbelieving or unchurched friends to one of our Easter weekend worship services. They may be living in the night instead of the light. Their “night moves” have left them unfulfilled and feeling more lost than ever. The risen Christ wants to take them by the hand, but He must lead.


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