Diving For Pearls

    Unquestionably, Albert Einstein was one of the smartest men that has ever lived. A Bible was given to him by a concerned friend who wanted him to gain wisdom but not just knowledge. On the flyleaf of the copy of the scriptures, these words were inscribed: “A straw on the surface flows, but he who searches for pearls must dive below.” Gaining wisdom, as well as knowledge, requires disciplined effort, determination, and desire.

    God’s way of wisdom, which is essentially His perspective on all of life, is often the opposite of our natural inclinations. Noted preaching professor, Dr. Haddon Robinson, was trying to fix his garage door and came to a screw that needed to be loosened. The more he twisted, the tighter it got. A knowledgeable neighbor came over and said, “Oh, this has a left-handed thread; it is a reverse screw; you have to loosen it in the opposite direction.” Haddon replied, “It took me 50 years to find out how screws work, now they change the rules!” He later wrote that there was a sense in which the Bible’s teaching is a “kind of reverse screw.” The way up is down; the way to rule is to serve; the way to receive is to give; the way to live is to die. That kind of perspective only comes from knowing Christ and discovering His wisdom, which is far below surface issues.

    Our desire for our students who graduate from First Baptist Academy and any other institution is that they would understand that life skills, maturity in character, discipline in affections and appetites all flow from godly wisdom. “How blessed is the man who finds wisdom and the man who gains understanding...more precious than jewels; nothing you desire compares with her” (Proverbs 3:13-15). Congratulations to graduates at all levels. We are proud that our Senior Associate Pastor, Doug Pigg, has served the Lord and worked in great churches for a number of years. He was not satisfied with just life experience, but some years ago began the Doctor of Ministry Degree beyond the Masters level of Seminary education. We are proud that he graduated with his D.Min. from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary last weekend. It is never too late to learn knowledge and gain spiritual wisdom.

    Once again, God has answered our prayer. We are excited to announce the presentation of our new Children's Pastor, Rev. Todd Villamont. He has served for five years as Children's Pastor at Westside Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. Todd and his wife, Lindsey, will be in all services, May 27-28. The Personnel Committee and Pastoral Staff truly sense God's blessing in this call.


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