National Treasure

    The Wall Street Journal reported that nearly 1,000 different cookbooks are published each year in America. While they may be glossy, full-color and attractive, fewer Americans are actually cooking, with increasing numbers eating out regularly. A reporter for the Journal interviewed a lady who was a portfolio manager at the New York Stock Exchange, who had acquired 16 cookbooks in the last four years and subscribed to two cooking magazines. However, it was four years since she had last prepared a sit-down meal.

    We have many Bibles in different translations, with all kinds of study aids. However, the Word of God is being read less and less. As someone said, “A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” Our love for the Word was reinforced as Janet and I had a brief tour of the new Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. However, the Bible is not just to be accepted and admired, but also applied.

    With over 430,000 square feet, the Museum is an attempt to help all kinds of people to encounter God’s scripture. The typical references to a “museum” give the impression that it is a stuffy, non-relevant collection of relics from the past. That is certainly not the case with this remarkable experience, particularly funded and envisioned by the Green family of Hobby Lobby. You enter under a 140-foot digital ceiling which is constantly changing and is the largest of its kind in the world.

    You can discover the Bible’s global influence in areas like music, fashion, government and American culture. There are exhibits of all kinds and they are creatively positioned to engage interest. You can look at over 600 artifacts and 50 media programs to see supremely valuable copies of scripture, including various fragments such as from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Dr. David Heath’s recent translation with the Wycliff Bible ministry of the Dukawa language will be exhibited. You can see the King James, Gutenberg, and Luther Bibles, and even Elvis Presley’s Bible. There is also a special children’s area to engage their interest.

    As the nation observes The National Day of Prayer, let’s pray that the truth and wisdom of the Word of God will transform and inform our leaders in government and that God will revive His people that we may evangelize our nation.

    We must personally and privately tour scripture daily, but not as a tourist. We magnify the Word in public Worship services through teaching and preaching. Our spiritual growth is directly proportional to our encounter with scripture. By the way, as you read this article... “dinner is served!”


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