Preaching and Prayer

    It is always an honor and blessing for us to hear nationally-known, Spirit-anointed preachers, such as our good friend, Chip Ingram. Many of you have been in the studies based on his books and enjoy practical teaching which flows from a winsome spirit. Chip pastors in Silicon Valley of California after serving as President of Walk Through the Bible Ministries. He is the author of such helpful books as these: Effective Parenting in a Defective World, Five Lies That Ruin Relationships, The Genius of Generosity, Good to Great in God’s Eyes, Holy Ambition, and Living on the Edge.

    I want to encourage our church to come together this Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm to the Chapel for a Prayer Meeting. We have historically begun the new year with a call to corporate prayer. Three verses in the Gospels in which the “you” is singular implies personal prayer. However, there are 36 verses in the Gospels in which the “you” is corporate, according to noted prayer authority, John Franklin. Hebrews 8:11 states that “All shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them.” When we “know the Lord,” we want to grow in Him and gather together.

    In the book of Acts, the 120 gathered in an upper room in unity before the Spirit was poured out at Pentecost (Acts 1:13; 2:1). They had already prayed for wisdom to know God’s choice for Judas’s replacement (Acts 1:24). Facing the Sanhedrin’s furor, they all prayed for boldness (Acts 4:24, 31). They prayed together about the seven who were to serve the widows (Acts 6:6), concerning the threat against Peter in prison (Acts 12:5), and the calling of Paul and Barnabas (Acts 13:1, 2). The pattern continued throughout the early church. Of course, we also pray alone as when Ananias was told to go to Saul (Acts 9:10) and when Peter received his vision on the rooftop leading to the conversion of the Gentiles (Acts 10:9). Frankly, we can’t pray very well with others if we have not sought the Lord in solitude.

    Join us in the Chapel for a time of praising the Lord and praying for our nation, community, church, and families. Preachers like Chip Ingram and me need your intercession. We are called to pray for those in political authority (1 Timothy 2:1, 2); to pray for the lost (1 Timothy 2:3,4); and “bear one another’s burdens” (James 5:16). We are to pray for revival in our own church as we encourage the congregation to be “all in.” May “God grant us some reviving to set up the house of our Lord” (Ezra 9:9). Let’s continue on the cutting edge for Christ.


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