Super Winners

    Super Bowl weekend, the only time in the entire year when a Roman numeral is used (LIII)! Once again the New England Patriots are in the spotlight, reaching their ninth Super Bowl, and go against the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots are familiar with the big stage and are picked to win along with their 41-year old superstar quarterback, Tom Brady.

    Few would have ever imagined that Tom Brady would play pro ball, much less be a man that many arguably feel is the best quarterback ever. He once told a college friend that he was not sure about making it in the NFL and would likely be in the insurance business. He had interned for two summers before his junior and senior seasons at Michigan with Merrill Lynch. Oliver Owens, his boss who utilized him to do research, observed that Brady was unusually meticulous with cafeteria meals. He told him that he had real potential in finance and said: “Tom, you are a dime a dozen, a clipboard holder. You have to start a career. I’ll write you a nice referral.”

    No one would have picked Peter or Thomas for an All-Star Apostles team. While Paul was certainly at the top of the heap as an unsaved proud Pharisee, he was not considered charismatic enough for the Corinthians as a “super apostle” (2 Corinthians 12:11). But we don’t equate success with personality, popularity or athleticism.

    Trevor Lawrence, the Clemson quarterback, who led in a stunning victory over Alabama for the College Championship, saw being in the limelight as an opportunity to proclaim the Light of the World. He declared that what “defined him” was not football, but that “my identity is in what Christ says and who He thinks I am, and who I know that He says I am.”

    Playing a vital role in Super Bowl wins as a player with Seattle and later with the Eagles, our own Chris Maragos was used along with other believers by God to see a powerful work of God in both teams. After two major knee injuries, he has been unable to play with the Eagles this year, yet is still trusting the Lord and is a super winner, knowing that Christ’s “power is made perfect in weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9). I’ll pick Trevor and Chris over the Tom Bradys of the world to be my heroes. Some cynics may not believe that you can or will succeed, but God does, and that is all you need!


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