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Summer Adult Bible Study

This summer’s topics will be: Overcoming Our Fears: Understanding God’s Names.  Summer Bible Study starts Wednesday June 4 at 6:30 P.M. in the Worship Center.  Workbooks are available in the Lighthouse Bookstore beginning May 25 for $13.00 each.  The summer will be split up into two studies.

“What are You Afraid of?” By Dr. David Jeremiah

In this study, Pastor and Author, Dr. David Jeremiah, applies the truth of God’s Word to each of these common fears: Fear of Failure, Fear of Depression, Fear of Being Alone, Fear of Serious Illness, Fear of Dying.  The Biblical teachings that he introduces will help you break free of paralyzing fear through God’s power and presence.

“The Power of God’s Names” By Tony Evans

Witness the majesty and glory of God’s names.  In Biblical times, names communicated a person’s essence…his/her history, nature, or character.  That’s why God revealed Himself by dozens of different names in Scripture.  No single name could convey the fullness of His character, and works.  Learn the meanings of God’s names to know Him more fully and experience Him more deeply.

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