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The Kind of Music That Just Soothes the Soul

Perhaps more than any other area of life, there is variety in music. In Los Angeles, on February 23, 1994, a 17-year old young man killed his father in a dispute over loud music. Some reading this article grew up listening to Big Band, others loved Elvis, and others enjoyed the Beatles, Pearl Jam, or U2. Whether you have listened to the King or the Boss, grooved to those Jersey Boys, the Four Seasons, many would say with Bob Seger, “Give me that old time rock ‘n’ roll, the kind of music that just soothes the soul.” Of course, “volume control” is rock’s funniest oxymoron!

While some may praise Pavarotti and others mellow out on jazz, the Lord has called all of us to “sing a new song.” “With my song I give thanks to Him” (Psalm 28:7). Whether the “singers” have decades of pastoral ministry under their belt like me or are young like our student pastors, we all declare, “The Lord is my strength and my shield, with Him my heart trusts and I am helped” (Psalm 28:7). So that kind of music is based on the Rock of Ages and just soothes the soul. While Janet and I are away this last week on vacation, you will be blessed by the preaching of our dynamic High School Pastor, Kevin Taylor.

After Kevin preached last time in my absence, I heard numerous glowing reports from many. Janet and I were also blessed to hear him through live-streaming. In a contemporary, yet biblical way, he certainly relates to students but also to adults. We are grateful for his three years in our church and 19 years in ministry, as a graduate of Clearwater Christian College and Liberty University. Please hear him gladly. I look forward to being back in the pulpit next weekend and sharing once again from 1 Thessalonians, as we look at how to maintain moral and sexual purity.

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