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Weekly Schedule

6:00pm  Contemporary Worship Service (Worship Center)
6:00pm  Spanish Worship Service (Modular 1)
6:00pm  Kidztown Children’s Worship (DC120)
6:00pm  Island Kidz Kindergartner’s Worship (ED132)
7:15pm  DivorceCare (ED222)
7:30pm  Bible & Life Groups (Various Rooms on Campus)

8:15am   Bible & Life Groups (Various Rooms on Campus)
9:30am  Blended Worship Service (Worship Center)
9:30am   Kidztown Children’s Worship (DC120)
9:00am   Haitian Bible Study & Worship (ED206)
9:00am Vietnamese Bible Study & Worship (DC220)
9:30am   Island Kidz Kindergartner’s Worship (ED132)
10:00am   Romanian Bible Study & Worship (Modulars 3 & 4)
11:00am Bible & Life Groups (Various Rooms on Campus)
9:30 am Spanish Worship Service (Family Life Center)
6:00pm   Romanian Church (Modulars 3 & 4)

9:00am   EnricHer Women’s Bible Study (Worship Center WC100A)

4:45pm   Family Meal (Fellowship Recreation/Gym)
6:00pm Haitian Adult and Children Bible Study (ED204 & ED 206)
6:20pm   AWANA Children’s Ministry (Education Building & DC120)
6:25pm   Band of Brothers Men’s Ministry (Chapel)
6:30pm   EnricHer Women’s Bible Study (Worship Center WC100A)
6:30pm   High School Ministry (Student Center)
6:30pm   Middle School Ministry (Family Life Center/Gym)
6:30pm  Worship Choir Rehearsal (Choir Room)
7:00pm Spanish Bible Study (Modular 1)
8:00pm   Orchestra Rehearsal (Worship Center)

11:00am  Prayer for our Pastors (AD184)
6:00pm   Celebrate Recovery (DC121)