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What A Church!

When the Russian comedian, Yakov Smirnoff, immigrated to the United States, the thing he loved most about America was the grocery stores. He quipped: “I’ll never forget walking down one of the aisles and seeing powdered milk – just add water and you get milk. Right next to it was powdered orange juice – just add water and you get orange juice. Then I saw baby powder, and I thought to myself, what a country!” That is a humorous jab at our quick-fix, want-it-now, real-time culture. Between the news scroll and Twitter, we think that we are always in the know and in the now. God gives a church like ours the foresight of the farmer who knows that he must sow the seeds to reap the harvest.

Our commitment to Student Ministry involves investing in not only our younger children but in our teenagers. We do not produce instant maturity. Working with middle schoolers may be the most challenging ministry on the planet…and the most rewarding. They are setting the course for the years ahead while enduring incredible peer pressure and body changes. We are thrilled to welcome a new pastor in view of a call this weekend for this area – Rev. Greg Clydesdale.

Hopefully, students, parents, and workers will have an opportunity over the weekend to meet Greg and his family and to sense his excitement, energy, and all-out commitment. He is serving in this role at First Baptist Church of Bossier City, Louisiana. Over the last few years, he has served under my friend, Dr. Fred Lowry, one of the most respected pastors in the country, who recently retired.

We also begin our Summer Adult Bible Study on Wednesday evenings, June 4. We will be blessed by the teaching ministry of two of the nations’ best known and most gifted pastor/teachers – Dr. David Jeremiah and Dr. Tony Evans. Dr. Jeremiah’s study will help us to conquer fear in many of its aspects, while Dr. Evans’ study in the latter half of the summer will introduce us to the profound study of the names of God and how He can work mightily in our lives. We will follow the format of worship music, video teaching, and a staff member who gives further insights, testimonies, and table time. You can organize according to your Bible and Life Group if you are in one, or just come and make new friends. We will help you to find the right table. This is a great growth time as Men’s and Women’s Ministries unite together.

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